Value proposition


Accessibility and mobility solutions for all.


Robust products made in France.


100% recyclable, produced with recycled polyester.


Versatile and non-slip equipment 


                      Mobi-mat® is committed to promoting accessibility and mobility for all. The mats are the ideal solution for: 

                      • elderly or injured people using a cane or walker, 

                      • people with visual impairment, 

                      • people in wheelchairs,

                      • families with strollers and carts,

                      • the mats create a temporary pathway for beaches, lakes, parks, hotels, museums, cemeteries or all kinds of outdoor events. 
                      Mobi-mat® - plage
                      Mobi-mat® - USA - New Jersey - Toms River


                      DESCHAMPS has been developing and manufacturing technical materials for over 160 years. Mobi-mat® was invented and patented in 1994. The 3D material and the brand are registered worldwide. 

                      Our ongoing investment in state-of-the-art equipment and a robust, functional quality control program guarantee the high quality of our products. We have our own research and development facilities, as well as a fully operational textile laboratory. Meticulous inspection standards and strict controls at every stage of the manufacturing process ensure that the product meets our customers' requirements. An independent certification body verifies the company's compliance every year: DESCHAMPS is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


                      We use a variety of environment-friendly materials. On the one hand, we use recycled polyester in our production, and on the other, we use recycled cardboard packaging to deliver your orders. 

                      ISO 14001 certified, our sole aim as a company is to offer environment-friendly solutions that preserve soil conditions. What's more, our range of Mobi-mat® mats is 100% recyclable and helps to combat soil erosion.

                      With a lifespan of over 10 years, our Mobi-mat® access paths can be reused throughout the seasons, depending on your needs and events.

                      Mobi-mat® - France - Bounty plage
                      Mobi-mat® - France - Restaurant Les Canisses


                      Mobi-mat® is a visible, versatile piece of equipment that can be installed anywhere, and is designed to secure your every move. 

                      With Mobi-mat ® you can channel the passage of pedestrians, vehicles or employees in a specific area and easily create a traffic direction thanks to its longitudinal white stripes. 
                      Unrollable, Mobi-mat® creates temporary or permanent access. Its surface is homogeneous and 100% non-slip.

                      Mobi-mat® also allows you to create a customized access path with curves and angles. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information!​