Communication mat

What is Mobi-com™?

The Mobi-com™ communication mat is the perfect tool to lay information along the Mobi-mat® access path.

Customizable, it allows to educate, warn or inform your users on the topic of your choice.

It also ensures a high visibility to the public and integrates perfectly into the existing environment.

The installation can be done at the front, in the middle or at the end of the mat and can be repeted several times.

Insertion is easy, so you can reach many people while complying with the law on advertising. 

What are the advantages of Mobi-com™?


Mobi-com™ mats allows to insert a customizable message.

To educate,  inform or warn your users has never been so simple and efficient.  

We offer complete in-house design capabilities. Our Design Division offers customized printing options, made out of environment-friendly material.

Durable and robust

Combined with the Mobi-mat® access and mobility mat, this surface provides a comfortable, 100% non-slip access path, resistant to UV, weather and salt spray.

It is flexible, light, permeable and does not retain sand, water and dust thanks to its tridimentional technic material that ensures a perfect filtration.


Mobi-com™ is environmental friendly as it is 100% recyclable and anti-erosion.

Thus, it ensures ground protection in order to preserve animal and plant life.

Origine France Garantie

Le tapis de communication Mobi-com est certifié Origine France Garantie par un organisme certificateur indépendant. 
« Origine France garantie est l’unique certification qui atteste l’origine française d’un produit » (

Ce certificat rend sa véritable valeur au savoir-faire français et assure une véritable transparence à la différence des formules auto-proclamées comme "made in France", "fabrication française" ou encore "entreprise française".

DESCHAMPS, inventeur des tapis Mobi-mat® et de leurs accessoires, est une PME familiale installée en Charente depuis 1860. C'est là que sont produits les tapis Mobi-mat® et Mobi-com ™. Le savoir-faire unique de nos équipes permet de garantir une fabrication locale et d’éviter tout importation de composants depuis des pays à bas coûts. DESCHAMPS est également certifiée ISO 9001 et ISO 14001, garantissant le meilleur niveau de qualité et de prise en compte environnementale.

Mobi-com™ technical features


Supplied by customer
3.25ft - 5ft - 6.5ft - 10ft
1m - 1,5m - 2m - 3m
Length 2.1ft | 0.6m
Provided accessories
Staples and anchoring stakes 1.64ft | 0,5m
Coastal law compliance
1 person | 5 minutes
Mat material
Recycled and recyclable polyester
French manufacturing
Certified French Origin Guarantee

ADA standards


Leisure equipment

Light vehicules

Compatible with coastal law, Mobi-com ™ can be completely dismantled and recycled. It protects the soil from the aggression of repeated pedestrian traffic by channelling pedestrians away from sensitive areas, thus helping to control sand dune erosion..

Message examples

Warning & safety

• Preventive measures in tourist areas, at events...

• Safety instructions on beaches, in tourist areas, at events... 


• Access for all

• Non-smoking area

• Protected area

Education & environment

• Zero waste

• Respect plant and animal life

  Promotion & advertising

• Sponsoring

• Event Partnerships

• Traders' associations

Documentation produit

  • Fiche produit Mobi-com    

Product sheet

  • Product sheet Mobi-com    

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