Rigid access panel


What is Mobi-deck™?

Mobi-deck™ access panels enable the creation of access lanes or parking areas. These rigid panels provide maximum bearing capacity on soft ground. The "pedestrian" side features very fine anti-slip grip to provide the best adherence for wheelchairs and comfort for barefeet people. The "vehicle" side offers specific grip for tires and tracks.

This makes Mobi-deck™ access panels ideal to facilitate people's access to certain areas, as well as use on public works or landscaping sites.

Mobi-deck™ - France

Rigid surface 

UV, shock and weather resistance


1 side for pedestrians and wheelchairs

1 side for vehicles

Recyclable material 

100% HDPE (high-density polyethylene)


6ft x 5ft (works both ways)

 2 colors

Blue or Beige

What are the advantages of Mobi-deck™?


Mobi-deck™ plates are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This highly resistant material is also completely recyclable.


The "pedestrian" side has a fine anti-slip surface suitable for bare feet and wheelchairs.

The "vehicle" side offers a pattern dimensioned for tires.


Mobi-deck™ panels connect to each other thanks to supplied connectors. They can be used to create lanes or platforms.

Mobi-deck™ technical features

Mobi-deck™  HDPE

Beige or Blue
5ft x 6ft | 1,53m x 1,82m (can assemble in both directions)  
Weight 86lb / panel | 39 kg / panel
Temporary or permanent
Temperature of use
-104°F / +176°F | -40°C / +80°C
up to 80 tons depending on ground toughnessl 
Necessary people for installation 2 persons | 10 minutes
Material   HDPE (high density polyethylene)
Recyclability Yes

ADA accessible

• Mobi-deck™ panels are installed at beach entrance to create a path or parking area that meets accessibility standards for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility.


• Pedestrians

• Strollers

• Luggages…

Light to medium vehicles

• Bikes, scooters…

• Quads, motor scooters…

• Cars, service vehicles, trucks and construction equipment

Our various applications

Mobi-deck™ - USA - Hawaii


​Mobi-deck™ panels meet accessibility standards for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility, allowing quick and easy access to beaches and the sea.


The multitude of Mobi-deck™ configurations, allows to create a parking space for disabled people, and thus be able to bring them closer to a beach, for example.

Mobi-deck™ - USA - Floride
Mobi-deck™ - France


​Ensuring perfect grip for wheeled vehicles, Mobi-deck™ can also be used for construction vehicle traffic, on all types of terrain.


Mobi-deck™ has a service life of several years, depending on how it's used.

Mobi-deck™ panels are reversible. One side is dedicated to pedestrians and features non-slip patterns for barefoot walking.

All kinds of vehicles can use Mobi-deck panels: 4x4s, rescue vehicles, trailers, wheeled or tracked construction vehicles. The limit, however, may be the nature of the ground.

Yes, Mobi-deck panels can be assembled on all 4 sides to create a track (path) or a platform (parking lot). Connections are made using the supplied connectors .

10 minutes is all it takes to install 10 plates for two people.

Which tools are necessary to install Mobi-deck™? 

No tools required. Panels are connected by supplied connectors

Documentation produit

  • Fiche produit Mobi-deck HDPE  

Product sheet

  • Product sheet Mobi-deck HDPE 

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