Amphibious floating chair


What is Mobi-chair™?

Mobi-chair™ is a genuine amphibious chair. It is designed for people with reduced mobility (ADA). The chair can of roll on sand and float on water.

Versatile, Mobi-chair™ is ideal for walks on the beach and bading in the sea. Its advanced ergonomics offers maximum comfort in all situations. Its design offers great stability in the water and ensures its occupant's safety.

The Mobi-chair™ is easy to assemble and disassemble. This means it can be stored in the trunk of a vehicle to take to the beach for the day. With its high-quality construction, it will last for many years. Its materials make it suitable for use in the ocean, sea, pools, lakes or rivers.


3 shock-resistant low-pressure wheels,
safety harness, floating armrests with handles


easily folded and disassembled
transportable in a vehicle


3-position adjustable backrest: bathing, walking and relaxing


blue and white striped seat and back, yellow wheels and orange armrests
aluminum frame - stainless steel fork and bolts

What are the advantages of Mobi-chair™?

Aesthetic and resistant

Mobi-chair™ is suitable for both children and adults.

The chair is ventilated and non-allergenic. Its aluminum frame and all stainless steel components resist the aggression of sea salt and UV rays.


Users can adjust the backrest in three different ways to take advantage of the different positions offered.

Thanks to a clamp solution, no tools are needed to assemble or disassemble Mobi-chair™. The chair is fully foldable. 

Mobile & Secure

Thanks to its three large low-pressure wheels, Mobi-chair ™ absorbs shocks and thus withstands all types of terrain.

Mobi-chair™ features a safety harness and thus prevents falls when moving around or while swimming. 


The armrests and wheels have been designed to provide maximum buoyancy and stability for the user.

Handles integrated into the armrests provide support while swimming.

Mobi-chair™ technical features

Safety precautions    

Mobi-chair™ is not a boat. It must always be used on safe, sheltered water close to shore. An able-bodied person must accompany the user at all times. Wearing a life jacket is recommended and may be made compulsory by local regulations.

Mobi-chair™ - détail

Folding frame 
Aluminum frame - stainless steel fork and screws
Mobi-chair™ width
42" - 107 cm
Mobi-chair™ length
60" - 152 cm
Mobi-chair™ heigth
50" - 127 cm
Mobi-chair™ weigth
60lb - 27kg
Seat width
18" - 46 cm
Seat length
17" - 43 cm
Seat heigth
19" - 48 cm
Maximum load
300lb - 136 kg
Removable armrests Molded plastic - detachable floating armrests - low pressure
Front wheel  12" x 6" | 30 cm x 16 cm - low pressure - quick release
Back wheels 16" x 7" | 40 cm x 19 cm - low pressure - quick release

Our various applications



The Mobi-chair™ amphibious wheelchair is fully adaptable and allows you to float and enjoy relaxing moments in the water at the beach. This makes bading accessible to all.

Beware of currents and waves, Mobi-chair™ must be used with an attendant.


The stable, calmer waters of lakes and pools are ideal for Mobi-chair™ floating chair. This makes access easier for people with reduced mobility.

This floating chair is also ideal for outdoor areas around water.



Mobi-chair™ has a lifespan of several years if conditions of use and maintenance are respected.

 Rinse with clean water and wipe dry after each use.

Yes, we can supply you with spare parts for repair and maintenance - just contact us!

Store in a clean, dry place.

Mobi-chair™ fits in the trunk of your car without any problem once folded.

1-year warranty on parts except for padded materials, cushionned materials and wheels - contact us for further information !

Yes, thanks to armrests and wheels that allow Mobi-chair™ to float.

10 minutes without tools, if you follow the installation steps in our guide.

​Only in calm waters - avoid using Mobi-chair™ when there are too many waves or strong currents, tides. Use is ideal in lakes and pools.

Documentation technique

  • Fiche produit Mobi-chair   

  • Guide d'installation et de maintenance Mobi-chair  EN

Technical sheet

  • Product sheet Mobi-chair

  • Installation and maintenance guide Mobi-chair 

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