Temporary roadways

What is Mobi-vehicle™ ?

Mobi-vehicle™ access mat creates a safe temporary roadway for vehicles. It improves the soil trafficability and ensures its protection.

Mobi-vehicle™ access mats increase the bearing capability on soft soil. The heaviest vehicles can circulate on difficult and unstable grounds. The strong adhesion of these mats allows traffic and circulation of light and heavy vehicles.

The high resistance of Mobi-vehicle™ access mats ensure a professional use. Their fast installation offers a great versatility to construction workers. Their elegant design enable a permanent deployment in green-spaces, such as golf courses for grass protection.

Mobi-vehicle™ access mats are made of recyclable, strong and lightweight fabric. They are efficient on grass, mud, sand, snow, gravel, ect.

Mobi-vehicle™ - France


your Mobi-vehicle™ access mat manually, without any specific tool.


your Mobi-vehicle™ access mat on the ground using the accessories and hammer included in the package .


on your Mobi-vehicle™ access mat with your vehicle and construction machines.

Mobi-mat® - France
Mobi-mat® - France
Mobi-vehicle™ - Camp Nelson - USA

All vehicles  

Skid-steer, quad, trailer, truck,
semi-trailer, digger, farm tractor

Fast installation 

Ultra-lightweight : 2 kg/m² or 10 kg/m² | 0.4lb/sqft or 2lb/sqft

Recyclable material 

100% polyester

 4 widths

1m - 2m - 3m - 4,2m
3.25 ft  - 6.5 ft - 10 ft - 13.8 ft

 2 colors

Golden Sand or White
Availability depending on the model

What are the advantages of Mobi-vehicle™?

Fast installation

The manual installation of Mobi-vehicle™ access mats make them a fast equipment to set up. The rolls are equipped with carrying straps with handles and can be carried by 2 people.


Used by the armed forces across the globe, the Mobi-vehicle™ access mats resist to severe constraints. Quality materials, polyester and stainless steel, ensure their robustness.


Easy to recover and reusable, Mobi-vehicle™ does not pollute the soil. Mobi-vehicle™ access mats protect the ground from mechanical damage.  

French Origin Guaranteed

Mobi-mat® access mats are certified French Origin, Guaranteed by an independent certificating organism. "French Origin Guaranteed is the unique certification that certifies the french origin of a product" ( This certificate emphasizes the french know-how and ensures a true transparency, as opposed to self-proclaimed sentences such as "made in France", "french manufacturing" or "french company".

​DESCHAMPS, creator of Mobi-mat® products and its accessories, is a medium-sized, family-owned company established in France since 1860. Mobi-mat® access mats are manufactured in our plant in the South-West of France. The unique know-how of our team guarantees a local production and avoids importation of components from low-costs countries. DESCHAMPS is also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, guaranteeing an high level of quality and environment preservation orientation.

Mobi-vehicle™ technical features

Mobi-vehicle™ A2X

Golden sand or White
3.25ft - 6.5ft - 10ft - 13.8ft
1m - 2m - 3m - 4,2m

Weight > 4.4 lb/sqft  | 2 kg/m²
Tensile strength
< 680lb/ft | 100 kN/m  | 10 t/m
Carrying straps with handle
Longitudinal white stripes
Accessories included
Staples and anchoring stakes 1.64ft | 0,5m
Up to 40 tons depending on ground toughness
Installation Temporary or permanent
Temperature of use -104°F / +176°F  | -40°C / +80°C 
Ground adhesion ​Excellent grip
Coastal law compliance Yes
Number of people needed for installation 2 persons | 10 minutes
Mat fabric Recycled and recyclable polyester
Anchor eyelets Stainless steel A4
Recyclability Yes
French manufacturing Certified French Origin Guaranteed

Mobi-vehicle™ MM3V25

3.3ft - 6.6ft - 10ft - 13.8ft
1,05m - 2,10m - 3,04m - 4,20m

​Weight > 22 lb/sqft | 10 kg/m²
Tensile strength
< 680lb/ft | 100 kN/m | 10 t/m
Carrying straps with handle
Accessories included
Anchoring stakes 1.64ft | 0,5m
up to 80 tons depending on ground toughness
Installation Temporary or permanent
Temperature of use -104°F / +176°F  | -40°C / +80°C 
Ground adhesion Excellent grip & lift
Coastal law compliance Yes
Number of people needed for installation 4 persons | 30 minutes
Mat fabric Recycled and recyclable polyester
Strengthening CVR composite bar
Anchor eyelets material
Stainless steel A4
French manufacturing
Certified French Origin Guaranteed

Mobi-vehicle™ - Santa fe - Nouveau Mexique
Mobi-vehicle™ - Italie
Mobi-vehicle™ - France


• Safe pathways for pedestrian traffic.


• Heavy and light vehicles and equipment

Technical coating


Preservation of soil condition

Our various applications

Mobi-vehicle™ - France


Mobi-vehicle™ access mats are ideal to circulate with cars, trucks or construction machines.

Mobi-vehicle™ A2X can bear up to 40 tons,  Mobi-vehicle™ MM3V25 up to 80 tons.
Mobi-vehicle™ patented surface provides exceptionnal traction for wheeled vehicles.

In addition, its strong resistance to UV and weather allows the use of Mobi-vehicle™ anywhere regardless of weather conditions.


Mobi-vehicle™ ensures soils protection, without damaging animal and plant life.

Thus, Mobi-vehicle™ access mat can be used on grass, sand or land to facilitate and delineate the access of your vehicles in places open to public.
Mobi-vehicle™ - Camp Nelson - USA


Mobi-vehicle™ is the perfect tool to get to areas that are sometimes difficult to reach or inaccessible with a vehicle.

With several configurations available, Mobi-vehicle™ access mat is easily transportable in the trunk of your vehicle or on the back of your machine.

During your work on public or private urban spaces, Mobi-vehicle™ allows you to access any place in minutes and save precious time.


Cars, trucks, work machines, etc., light & heavy vehicles can use Mobi-vehicle™.

Mobi-vehicle™ can be used on any type of soil, such as : sand, snow, grass, mud, gravel, cobblestone, ... This access mat provides high grip and/or lift on the ground!

Mobi-vehicle™ can be used in parks, gardens, constructions sites, public works, for landscaping activities or for any type of needs or activities requiring easy access and mobility with one or more vehicles.

Yes, with identical widths, the mats can be connected to each other to create the desired length!

Use a broom, leaf blower or high pressure water to clean Mobi-vehicle™. 

Store mats horizontally in a clean and dry place!

10 years and more if the conditions of use, maintenance and storage are respected!

​Up to 5 years guarantee on manufacturing defects - contact us for more informations!

Product data sheets

  • Fiche produit Mobi-vehicle A2X  

  • Fiche produit Mobi-vehicle MM3V25  

Product sheets

  • Product sheet Mobi-vehicle A2X    

  • Product sheet Mobi-vehicle MM3V25  

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