Mobility and accessibility mat

What is Mobi-mat®?

Mobi-mat® allows the creation of accessible paths. Their installation facilitate the mobility of everyone and give access to specific locations.

Mobi-mat® access mats' unique patented design help anyone with special needs - pedestrians, people with mobility challenges or visual impairment, elderly people, wheelchair or mobility scooter users, parents with strollers - to access beaches or other outdoor places. Mobi-mat® is a 100% recyclable environment friendly solution.

The security of Mobi-mat® access mats is guaranteed thanks to their non-slip surface. Their installation can be temporary (for a festival for example), seasonal (e;g; on coasts or beaches) or permanent. Their lightweight and flexible design facilitate quick installation by a handful of people without any specific tool. 


your Mobi-mat® access mat manually, without any specific tool.


your Mobi-mat® access mat on the ground using the accessories and hammer provided with the mat.


life on your Mobi-mat® access mat and go wherever you want.

Mobi-mat® - Plage - France
Mobi-mat® - Plage - France

For everyone

Barefoot friendly,
manual or motorized wheelchair compliant,
 cane and walker compatible,
strollers and bikes

Guiding white stripes

Create a safe guidance for social distancing,
guide visualy impaired people,
create two-way traffic

4 widths

1m - 1,5m - 2m - 3m
3.25 ft - 5 ft - 6.5 ft - 10 ft

100% non-slip

100% safe
Perfect grip thanks to its 3D patented design

Recyclable fabric

100% polyester

2 colors

Blue Jay | easily seen from afar
Golden Sand | blends into the landscape

What are the advantages of Mobi-mat®?

      Fast installation

      Mobi-mat® access mats set up in few minutes. No tools required - unroll the mat and anchor the connectors, located at the mat extremities, with the included staples or spikes. Their lightweight and flexibility allows handling by 1 or 2 persons. 


      Mobi-mat® access mats can be used many years! Their design and top of the shelf fabric guarantee an unswerving resistance. 

      ​They are permeable and resistant to salt spray, UV and weather.


      Mobi-mat® can be laid on any type of soil: sand, grass, pebbles, gravel, cobblestone, mud, snow... 
      Dedicated anchors for each type of soil have been developed.


      Mobi-mat® access mats connection is possible thanks to connectors fixed at each mat extremity. 

      Angles and multi-angles are also available to create specific and personalize pathways.

      French Origin Guaranteed

      Mobi-mat® access mats are certified French Origin, Guaranteed by an independent certificating organism. "French Origin Guaranteed is the unique certification that certifies the french origin of a product" ( 

      This certificate emphasizes the french know-how and ensures a true transparency, as opposed to self-proclaimed sentences such as "made in France", "french manufacturing" or "french company".

      DESCHAMPS, creator of Mobi-mat® products and its accessories, is a medium-sized, family-owned company established in France since 1860. Mobi-mat® access mats are manufactured in our plant in the South-West of France. The unique know-how of our team guarantees a local production and avoids importation of components from low-costs countries. DESCHAMPS is also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, guaranteeing an high level of quality and environment preservation orientation. 

      Mobi-mat® technical features

      Mobi-mat® AFX

      Blue Jay or Golden Sand
      3.25ft - 5ft - 6.5ft - 10ft 
      1m - 1,5m - 2m - 3m
      0.27lb/sqft | 1,3kg/m²
      Tensile strength
      >680lb/ft | 100 kN/m | 10 t/m 
      Carrying straps with handle
      Longitudinal white stripes
      Inter-mat connectors
      Yes - Reduced mobility equipment compatible
      Accessories included
      0,5m | 1.64ft staples and spikes 
      Maximum load capacity
      Above 3.5 tons depending on ground toughness
      Installation Temporary to permanent
      Temperature of use -104°F / +176°F | -40°C / +80°C  
      Ground adhesion
      Excellent grip
      Coastal law compliance Yes
      Number of people needed for installation 2 people | 10 minutes
      Mat fabric Recycled and recyclable polyester
      Anchor eyelets
      Stainless steel A4
      Recyclability Full
      French manufacturing
      Certified French Origin Guarantee
      Mobi-mat® - Plage
      Mobi-mat® - Plage
      Mobi-mat® - Particulier -France

      People with reduced mobility

      • Wheelchairs (manual or motorized) 

      • Visually impaired persons


      • Barefoot friendly

      • Soft and non-slip surface which does not burn feet


      • Strollers & luggage

      • Bikes & scooters

      • Canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis, pedal boats...

      Compatible with the coastal law, Mobi-mat® is removable and recyclable, it preserves soils against aggression from repeated pedestrian passage by channeling them outside sensitive areas, which favors the control of erosion.


      Mobi-mat® - Plage


      Mobi-mat® access mat is ideal to facilitate public traffic. It allows people with limited abilities to fully enjoy the beach. Its longitudinal white lines help guide visually impaired people along the path.

      The comfortable surface of Mobi-mat® access mats allows to walk on it barefoot. They are totally non-slip and do not heat in the sun. Mobi-mat® access mat enables to control dune erosion and protects plant and animal life from the intensive passage of people.

      Mobi-mat® can be deployed within minutes. They are also suitable for small vehicle traffic.


      Mobi-mat® is the perfect tool to facilitate access to everyone in public places. 

      There is no risk of injury from splinters or splintered wooden planks, as the surface is smooth, without nails or screws, which especially secures the passage of children.

      In addition, the blue jay or golden sand colors indicate a highly visible access for recreation areas, parks, gardens or forests. 
      Mobi-mat® - Rainbow State Park - Marion County - Floride - USA
      Mobi-mat® - Travaux Publics


      Mobi-mat® is a flexible roll-out accessibility mat, with a high mechanical resistance. That is why Mobi-mat® is safe and suitable for repeated traffic of workers and pedestrians and can be used on different types of soils: sand, stone, gravel, grass, mud or snow.

      The mat is equipped with connectors that allows it to be linked or repositioned in  seconds as the work progresses.

      Mobi-mat® can also be used as a temporary access during your road works - facilitating the traffic of pedestrians, people with limited abilities, parents with strollers... by providing a homogeneous surface.


      Mobi-mat® allows the creation of a smooth surface without bumps, in compliance with accessibility laws for establishments open to the public.

      Thus, it can be used, for example to create pathways to cover paved or graveled walkways to enable better access to culture for all - while preserving historical sites sensitive to dust being carried into buildings.

      Mobi-mat® can also be used as paths and access roads for your professional, sporting or musical events... 
      Mobi-mat® - Monuments nationaux - Aigues Mortes - France
      Mobi-mat® - Restaurant Les Canisses - France


      Protecting and stabilizing paths, Mobi-mat® access mat is the best ally to facilitate the arrival of people in hotels or restaurants at beach entrances.

      Mobi-mat® is also deployed in campsites or at home to facilitate the mobility of people or vehicles or also to create an access. The pathway can be used temporarily or permanently, indoor, outdoor or next to a swimming pool.

      Customer testimonials

      Handiplage: New Mobi-mat® for Saint-Pierre at la Réunion

      The city of Saint-Pierre has a new mat for its Handiplage labelized beach. It will facilitate the access for wheelchairs but also strollers and pedestrians, it provides a bump-free flat area, with a beautiful blue color.

      Miss ROUVRAIS, the elected representative of the CIVIS (Communauté Intercommunale des Villes Solidaires - Intermunicipal Community of Solidarity Cities), as well as Mister SELLY from CCAS (Caisse Centrale d'Activités Sociales- Central Fund for Social Activities) showed themselves satisfied by this new version of the installation that aims to improve the "HANDIPLAGE" labelizazion.

      Mobi-mat® at the "Mondial du vent" (Wind World show) of Leucate

      Again this year, Mobi-mat® saw all the kite surfers come and go during the Leucate freestyle world cup ! More than 60 000 views in 24 hours, the 21st edition of the Mondial du Vent broke all records !

      AccesSurf picture

      Mobi-mat® in Hawaii thanks to AccesSurf

      AccesSurf empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptative surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by assisting families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment.

      “Hawaii is the surfing capital of the world,” says Mark Marble. “The beach is a huge part of the local culture, yet there’s a part of the population that can’t get there.” Last March, Marble, 41, co-founded AccesSurf Hawaii with Rich Julian, to help people with physical disabilities get back into the ocean.

      “We have a guy flying in from Canada who hasn’t surfed since his accident 17 years ago. AccesSurf Hawaii is going to change his life,” Marble says. Each month, the organization co-sponsors a “Day at the Beach” event, providing adaptive surfboards, a double-hulled kayak and equipment to help people with different disabilities swim in the ocean.

      Mark Marble

      President and CEO, AccesSurf Hawai’i / United States
      Siesta Key picture

      Siesta Key, USA

      Sarasota County unveiled its new Mobi-Mat® pathway running straight up to the golf club at Siesta Beach’s West Concession area.

      The 450-feet blue jay recycled polyester Mobi-mat® pathway is now the star of the area around the county’s new Siesta Key beach pavilion by improving access for beachgoers with disabilities, using wheelchairs, pushing strollers or simply hauling beach carts full of toys and supplies.

      Thank you so much Sylvia Longmire -Ms. Wheelchair USA 2016- for sharing your Siesta Key beach experience with us!


      Mobi-mat® access and mobility mats can be used by pedestrians, elderly, strollers, wheelchairs and light vehicles (cleaning and service vehicles).

      Mobi-mat® access and mobility mats can be used on any type of soil : sand, snow, grass, mud, gravel, cobblestone...

      Mobi-mat® access and mobility mats can be used for various applications : at beaches, in parks, gardens, for landscaping, on public works, at ski resorts, for agriculture, for tourism, houses, recreation areas, campsites, hostels, museums, festivals, sport and organization events etc...

      Yes, identical width mats can be connected to each other in order to create the desired length ! 

      ​Yes, we offer different anchoring sets according to your needs.

      • Standard anchoring with spikes and staples for soft soil.  
      • Screws for concrete, wood, underwater or hard soils. 

      Use a broom, leaf blower or high pressure water to clean Mobi-mat®. 

      Store mats horizontally in a clean and dry place!

      10 years and more if the conditions of use, maintenance and storage are respected !

      Up to 5 years guarantee on manufacturing defects - contact us for more information !

      Product data sheets

      • Product sheet Mobi-mat AFX  

      • Installation et guide d'entretien guide Mobi-mat AFX   

      Product data sheets

      • Product sheet Mobi-mat AFX  

      • Installation and maintenance guide Mobi-mat AFX      

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