Crossing strip

What is Traction-mat™ ?

The Traction-mat™ crossing strip kit is the essential tool for mobility support on any type of ground. 
Traction-mat™ is a debogging strip equipped with an eyelet and a staple to secure it to the ground. 

The mat can be installed as a preventive measure on a known difficult area, or it can be used as a curative measure in order to help debogging an immobilized vehicle in sand, snow or mud. 

Traction-mat™ is made from high density polyester mono-filaments. Its surface is 100% non-slip



your Traction-mat™ crossing strip manually, without any tool.


your Traction-mat™ in the ground with the provided accessories and hammer.


on your Traction-mat™ to get out of a tricky situation

All vehicules 

              Car, quad, van, trailer, farm machinery, truck

Fast installation 

Extra lightweight: 2 kg/m² 

Recyclable material 

100% polyester

  2 widths

0.2m or 0.8m
20'' or 31''

  1 color


What are the advantages of Traction-mat™ ?


Traction-mat™ strips have great traction capabilities thanks to their technical surface that enhances wheel grip on any type of ground.

Robust & Durable

Traction-mat™ strips are tear, UV and extreme temperature resistant.

Made from high-strength material, they resist to the heaviest vehicles in the toughest conditions.


Traction-mat™ is made from recycled polyester and is 100% recyclable.

Certified ISO 14001, our company aims to provide environment-friendly products that  preserve the soil.

Light & compact

Traction-mat™ can be deployed by a single person in minutes.

Thanks to its innovative design, Traction-mat™ is very light and compact. It can be stored on the roof, in the trunk, on the hood, on the sides or on the fenders of a vehicle.

Origine France Garantie

La bande de franchissement Traction-mat est certifié Origine France Garantie par un organisme certificateur indépendant.
« Origine France garantie est l’unique certification qui atteste l’origine française d’un produit » (

Ce certificat rend sa véritable valeur au savoir-faire français et assure une véritable transparence à la différence des formules auto-proclamées comme "made in France", "fabrication française" ou encore "entreprise française".

DESCHAMPS, inventeur des tapis  Mobi-mat® et de leurs accessoires, est une PME familiale installée en Charente depuis 1860. C'est là que sont produits les tapis Mobi-mat® et Traction-mat™.  Le savoir-faire unique de nos équipes permet de garantir une fabrication locale et d’éviter tout importation de composants depuis des pays à bas coûts. DESCHAMPS est également certifiée ISO 9001 et ISO 14001, garantissant le meilleur niveau de qualité et de prise en compte environnementale.

Traction-mat™ technical informations

Traction-mat™  A2X

20" or 31"
0,2m or 0,8m

10ft - 13ft - 26ft
3m - 4,8m - 8m

> 0.41lb/sqft | 2 kg/m²  
Tensile strength < 680 lb/ft | 100 kN/m  | 10 t/m
Carrying straps with handle
Provided accessories
Staples and anchoring spikes
< 40 tons depending on ground toughness
Temporary or permanent
Temperature of use -104°F / +176°F | -40°C / +80°C   
Grip Excellent
Coastal law compliance Yes
Necessary people for installation 1 person | 5 minutes
Mat material Recycled and recyclable polyester
​Anchoring eyelet material Stainless steel A4
Recyclability Yes
French manufacturing Certified French Origin Guarantee


All vehicles up to 40 tons, can use Traction-mat™!

Traction-mat™ can be used on all types of ground, such as: sand, snow, grass, mud, gravel, cobblestone....

Traction-mat™ can be used for crossing, debogging or desilting your vehicles. Depending on the size of your wheels, a variety of formats are available.

Use a broom, leaf blower or high-pressure water to clean Traction-mat™ .

Store the mat horizontally in a clean, dry place!

10 years and more if used, maintained and stored correctly!

What are the guarantees of Traction-mat™ ? 

Up to 5 years of guarantee on manufacturing defects - Contact us for more information!

Documentation produit

  • Fiche produit Traction-mat A2X    

Product sheet

  • Product sheet Traction-mat A2X      

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