Access to Recreation for All with the Mobi-mat® Accessibility products range!

Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ is a lightweight non-slip portable roll-out ADA/ABA/AODA beach access pathway for individuals of all abilities, pedestrians, wheelchair users, strollers, bicycles and ATVs.
Mobi-mat® can also be used as a detour sidewalk and boatramp.

The Mobi-chair® Floating beach wheelchair provides a seamless transition from boardwalk-to beach-to water.

Deschamps Mat Systems, Inc. has designed a rollout portable Billboard mat called a Mobi-mat® “Ad Mat panel ” which is set in between two Mobi-mat® access rolls thanks to the sliding end-connectors.

Mobi-fence™ synthetic seamless windbreak fence provides Erosion control and Protection for coastal assets, roads, paths, houses, parking, playgrounds, etc.

Mobi-Mat® Boat-Ramp™ is a patented roll out polyester mat, designed for creating boat launches and accommodating light and medium vehicle traffic on supporting but unstable grounds like sand and gravel on the shoreline or lakes.

The Mobi-Mat® Vehicle Mobility Mats –VMM- Temporary roadways are designed for creating expedient temporary access roads, working platforms and accommodating light and medium vehicles traffic on supporting but unstable grounds like sand, gravels, lawns and greens and even on light slope.

Mobi-mat® military range includes portable Beach Landing & Access Mats, Temporary Roadways and Dispensers, portable Helipads & Tent flooring.

Mobi-Mat® range includes Commercial-off-the-shelf battle-proven lightweight and heavy duty composite roll-out portable Beach Access Landing Mat to facilitate ship-to-shore movements and support off road mobility operations during expeditionary missions over sand, gravel, mud or pebble beach.

Deschamps’ Ground Roadway Vehicles deploy roll-out heavy duty aluminum or portable composite Temporary Roadway Mats in minutes to enhance ground and bank reinforcement and build expedient access roadways for deployable mobile bridge.

Deschamps’ Mobi-Mat® Helipad™ is a lightweight, compact and safe Helicopter Landing Surfacing for rapidly creating Helicopter Landing Zones for expeditionary Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Forward Arming and Refueling Points (FARP), Drop Zones (DZ), and Medical Evacuations (MEDEVAC).

Tentfloor™ & Tentpath™ roll out polyester mats are innovative duckboards for creating outdoor pathways and walkways between tents, expedient flooring for dining halls, kitchens and maintenance shops working platforms.

Designed for supporting off road mobility requirements on soft muddy beachs, during Joint Logistics Over The Shore (JLOTS) operations, the Fast Composite Roadway™ (FCR™) is a heavy duty and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) roll out aluminium mat system.

If you are equipped with a Front-End Loader, then the Front End Loader Roadway Dispenser™ (F.L.R.D.™) is the ideal tool to deploy the Mobi-Mat for quick access and build a 13.8’ wide x 328’ long (4.20 m x 100 m long) of MM3™ temporary roadway.

Mobi-mat® Aircraft Recovery range includes portable evacuation mat & Access Mats, Temporary Roadways and Dispensers, recovery airbags & lifting system.

The Tow-Mat, using the innovative and patented concept of Mobi-Mat®, is designed for creating ground reinforcement and towing rescue pathways for the recovery of any type of aircraft.

The DARC « DESCHAMPS Aircraft Recovery Cushion », also called Recovery Airbag, is a lifting system consisting of various inflatable and independent chambers or compartments made in heavy duty reinforced rubber, able to lift disabled aircrafts, without causing a secondary damage. The DARC range includes standard 5, 12, 15, 25, 30, 40, and 60 Metric Tons. DESCHAMPS also manufactures “custom-made” cushions.

You can build quick and safe temporary roadways with a Trailer Dispenser™ designed to easily carry, deploy and recover 13.8’ wide x 164’ long (4.20 m x 50 m long) rolls of matting in minutes.

Enhance your Emergency Response Capability with the Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access designed to access and tow disabled aircrafts in the most critical ground conditions.

Mobi-Mat® EVPath™ is a Visible, non-slip roll-out polyester Pedestrian Evacuation Mat. It is an efficient way to set up a firm temporary walkway at the bottom of evacuation slides or underneath aircraft wings to enhance access by passengers, Rescue and Firefighting Services.

The 12t, 24t and 70t Deschamps spreader bars (DSB) have been made to meet high requirements of aircraft recovery by using high quality raw materials.

Registered in 1994, the Mobi-mat® brand is nowadays the trademark reference for beach access mats and any public or private portable outdoor access surfacing for people with disabilities. Inspired from the beach landing mat used by the US Marine Corps, this trademark originates from the words Mobility and Mats or Material, which bring tactical agility on unstable grounds for aging people with walkers or canes, wheelchair-bound people, parents with strollers, visitors of parks, cemeteries, and outdoor events during nice or inclement weather.

Mobi-mat® portable rollout mat is the must-have mat on any beach. It follows ground contour and brings you anywhere you wish, whatever your ability level.

With Mobi-Mat® beach access mat, Go Where You Want to Go!

This is why Mobi-mat has become so popular and claims to be the mat which gives wings!

The USPTO has given the MOBI-MAT trademark serial number of 7900538. The current status of the trademark MOBI-MAT® is ‘registered’.

US Reg No 7900538

Mobi-Mat’s First Federal Trademark Registration


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