The Mobi-mat® brand

Registered in 1994, the Mobi-Mat® brand and model are now the benchmark for beach access mats, and any other removable access, public or private.

Inspired by the landing mats used by the U.S. Marines, this brand comes from the words "Mobility" and "Materials", and represents accessibility solutions for your leisure activities or work, anywhere, as our products can be deployed on sand, grass, dirt, mud, snow, cobblestone, gravel etc... 

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DESCHAMPS is an innovative company that develops and manufactures high value-added materials and land mobility equipment. 

Our high-quality mats are unrollable and non-slip. They facilitate accessibility, mobility and safety for people and vehicles on all types of floors and surfaces.

With 30 years experience in the production of Mobi-mat®, 3 sites and thousands of customers worldwide, DESCHAMPS group is the market leader.

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Our history

Our history began over a century and a half ago, in 1860 to be precise. Since then, our company has gone from strength to strength, acquiring unrivalled experience in the design and manufacturing of technical fabrics.

In particular, we develop temporary access roads, helicopter landing zones and inter-road walkways to facilitate the mobility of people, vehicles and aircrafts on all types of ground. But also, through the manufacture of filter cloths and conveyors for industrial filtration.

In the 1990s, Mr Georges-Paul Deschamps, the current Chairman, invented a three-dimensional technical textile made of polyester monofilament: the "Mobi-Mat®".

This product was soon patented worldwide. The unique composition of Mobi-mat® has enabled the development of crossing strips and soil-bearing improvement systems that can be installed quickly. Today, Mobi-mat® is deployed and used all over the world on beaches, in parks and gardens, on building sites and even by the armed forces.