Mobi-mat® and social medias: at the heart of its community !

    Today, Mobi-mat® is the reference in term of access mats for beaches, and any other public or private removable access. This brand come from the words Mobility and Materials, and represents leisures accessibility solutions for all : elderly using a walking stick or a walker, people in wheelchair, parents with strollers, parks visitors, public works employees, landscapers, or outside events... whether the wheather is good or not and on any land. We are committed offering you a range of Mobi-mat® products to meet all your needs.

    We know it is important to be close to our clients, to listen, and that we need to participate in a real sense of unity and community. This is made possible today by the very thing that cradles our daily lives : social medias !

    Mobi-mat® story on social medias

    It is in 2013 that Mobi-mat® launched itself on the leader of social media of that time  : Facebook. The next year the Mobi-mat® Instagram account was created. A social media who that has known a lightning growth of its users during the following years.

    Since 2014, the first Facebook posts have seen the light which has become increasinghly regular, until several per week. Mobi-mat® takes the visibility elevator.

    It is couple years later, in 2019, that the Mobi-mat® Instagram account pushished its first pictures. Among these, we can find our key products such as : Mobi-mat® access and mobility mats, as well as the Mobi-chair®, the high quality amphibious floating wheelchair.

    Finally, the news for 2022 : Mobi-mat® is on LinkedIn ! A new social network means a new challenge to win hearts, with different content to reach a more professional target. 

    Mobi-mat® and social medias : why ?

    In its quest of modernity, Mobi-mat® has entered the digital world. But social medias are also a means of sharing and communicating. Above all, we want to be close to our customers and our potential future customers, who share our values.

    Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, it is easy to exchange, discuss and to question. The informations goes in the entire world, in which a lot is happening. We are mostly sharing news about our offer and market and relaying articles and posts in order to reinforce the links between our brand and our community.

    With LinkedIn, our objective is different. Our mission is to share more informative and technique content about our products.

    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube: follow Mobi-mat® !

    If it is not already done, follow our pages : Facebook (@mobimat.access) and LinkedIn (mobi-mat®) and subscribe to our Instagram account (mobimatofficial) and YouTube (@mobimatofficial)!

    We are sharing weekly content on Facebook and Instagram, to always give you enriching news about Mobi-mat®. Improve the visibility of people with reduced mobility around the world, where Mobi-mat® access mats have changed their lives ! We will also keep you up to date with events inside the company, thanks to our stories !

    On LinkedIn, we'll keep you up to date with the biggest European and global events on accessibility and mobility, the environment, and a whole host of other themes in line with our brand values!
    Finally, on YouTube we publish videos every two weeks on Thursdays, from tutorials to news clips.

    Our objective : keep you informed and stay close to you, in any circumstances !