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Deschamps Mobi-Mat
Park & Rec Range
Defense Range
Aircraft Recovery Range

The Mobi-Mat range of products includes flexible, rigid or semi-rigid roll-out multipurpose access mats, plates, flooring and bridges specifically designed for portable walkways, roadways and boatramps, aircraft recovery pathways, helicopter landing zones and tent infrastructures as well as light bridging systems. Select your specific area of interest : Commercial, Defense or Aicraft Recovery applications.

Commercial applications
For the beach or festival season , Mobi-Mat RecPath is the ideal solution for creating a protective temporary walkway and wheelchair access for beachfronts. The roll-out Mobi-Mat Boatramp and Helipad are portable matting solutions for rapid deployment on any type of terrain and surfaces.

Aircraft Recovery
An aircraft overran the runway. The main landing gear is stuck. Mobi-Mat Tow-Mats and Quick-Access are specifically designed for temporary rescue roadways and aircraft towing pathways for Airport safety services. In addition, the Mobi-DARC range includes pneumatic Cushions suitable for lifting all types of aircraft and the unique Base-Pack cushion to increase the lifting height. In addition, the flexible Mobi-Tank allows quick defuelling of any aircraft.

Defense applications
Mobi-Mat range of portable roadways, bridges helipad mattings is specifically designed to facilitate movement support of friendly forces. Widely used by combat engineers, battalions and air support units for building bases, , temporary roadways and helipads, breaching of terrain obstacles for limited gap-crossing, Mobi-Mat COTS solutions improve your force’s ability to move around the battlefield world-wide. Mobi-Mat, You go where You want to go. “ESSAYONS”.

Mobi-chair by Deschamps
The Mobi-Chair is a high quality, amphibious beach wheelchair that provides a seamless transition from boardwalk-to beach-to water. The Mobi-Chair, suitable suitable for use at the beach or even is swimming pools is the ultimate partner for leisure time and entertainment.

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